Friday, January 20, 2012

New Mexico

Macy and Papa did a road trip with Nana and Pops. Lots of family time and adventure! I can't wait to go with Remy next year :)

Kauai 2011

Kauai was the most amazing and most relaxing vacation we have been on to date. I could see myself living on a sleepy island like Kauai. Amazing! We spent our days scouting out swim beaches and parks and spent our afternoons at the pool. The girls loved the water slide and I loved watching them with their papa. We spotted a turtle on the beach and the girls were so excited. I got some great snorkel time in, I could do that for hours! Macy was our little photographer, she took some great pics. Will post her pics soon. Grandpa and Grandma were able to gift us a week stay in paradise and we took full advantage! Thank you!

Grandma had a BIG fall :(

Just before we left for Tahoe Grandma Suzanne had a fall while camping, stepping into a 5th Wheeler.
She broke her wrist and leg. This was a major situation that took lots of careful planning and a few surgeries. It was close to being one of the craziest things I have ever experienced. I never want to see someone come out of a morphine buzz again. She truly thought she had died and we were all in conspiracy. I spent most of my time watching the clock and waiting. The good news is she is recovering well. The leg is healing slowly and might need another surgery to take out the plates but that is TBD.  Hopefully 2012 will bring healthier bones!

Tahoe 2011

As always a wonderful family vacation. Pretty sure this is Macy's favorite place to visit. She always asked to go back to the "Castle School"...its the kid center. She loves it!!!!! Remy's favorite thing is the river rafting, mine too! I love it. Mike and I got several days of tennis in and it felt so good! Remy got a really bad rash that ended us going to the ER. Doctor told us it was from the hot tub, oops! Pops and Mamasita didn't make it up this year but we are hoping they will in 2012.

Summer Camping with Cripps!

Always a good time with our friends Val, Stu and John! Remy showed no fear with the local beatles and Macy was making friends with all the kids around us. Sold my first Bingo Pinks Blanket to our neighbor and did the photo shoot for the website. Great times!!!!

4th of July 2011

Momma turns 40!

Spending a wonderful weekend with friends and family.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

School Picture Day

Not sure if this will be the only picture of the girls wearing their headbands. 
They do not like having anything in their hair. True beach babies....they like to be all natural :) 

24 hour flu = NO FUN!

Nothing worse than getting called to pick up your little one from school. Remy got it first and within hours of picking her up her temperature spiked at 102.5. Within 24 hours Macy had the same thing. It hit fast and left fast thank goodness! Nothing like wrapping your baby up in ice packs and watching them shiver and sweat, scary!!!

Ant Farm

Not sure who is enjoying the ant farm or the girls :) 
Super fascinating! 
Thanks grandma and grandpa for the hours of amazement! 

Face painting fun!

Remy loves to have her face painted :) Hello Kitty was the fav of the day. Macy does not like anything on her face. I think she just likes to look at it. She kept it on her arm for two days.

First Dental Visit

First visit with the dentist and the girls did great!!!! He liked the spacing between Macy's teeth but she is a teeth grinder. Remy had a great check up as well but has some crazy grooves in her teeth that could cause some issues later on with cavities. Remy also had some chips in her teeth.....proof that she is the one that chewed up their bunk bed! 

The first ER visit!

Talk about scary. I was driving down the street and all of a sudden I hear chocking from the back seat. Instantly I thought Remy had swallowed the cap to her water bottle! Total panic as I needed to get to a safe place to pull out of traffic and to park the car. I found a parking lot pulled in and jumped out to get Remy out of the car. As soon as I reached her car seat buckles I saw the bottle cap, Thank God...but what did she swallow? She started throwing up and out came a little craft start. She was starting to tell me that she swallowed two stars.....only ever found one. Soon she started complaining about something being stuck in her throat. All I could imagine is the other little star was wedged in her little throat! Ouch! We got home and I called the doctor and of course she said to take her to the emergency room right away! Waiting for papa to get home and off we the end everything was fine and we didn't need to get xrays and Remy made friends with everyone there. Such a little social butterfly. As she was sitting on the hospital bed any time anyone would walk by she would make funny faces at them! It was hilarious! She took the picture of me :) Another funny thing that came of this is Macy's morbid curiosity. she wanted to go with us to the hospital because she thought Remy was going to get xrayed and she wanted to see Remy's bones. I didn't even know she knew what an xray was. Crazy!!!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The 2nd Flip House

Mike, Pops and crew will have this house turned around in four weeks! Amazing how fast these guys are. The girls love going to Papa's job sites, reminds me of when I was their age. Excited for Mike to build his business, it is happening pretty fast! Way to go Papa Bear!

Happy 4th Birthday!

Another year! I can't believe my little girls are four years old. The time is going so fast...hard to keep up! This year the girls were totally into it. They had been talking about turning four for months. When I asked them what kind of party they wanted they said "Candyland!" got it! What kid does not like being surrounded by candy. We had Nanna, Pops, Grandma, Grandpa, Dan, Hillary and Daniel over for a nice birthday celebration on Saturday. Anna and her girlfriend made it out later in the evening and it was so fun to hang out and visit! The girls loved all the gifts and spending time with everyone! The fire ants that Grandma and Grandpa brought over were pretty darn cool. Not sure who is enjoying them or the girls!!!! Sunday we had the Candyland party with all the girls friends. It was the greatest time for everyone, pretty sure the parents had a better time, lol!!!! We had a special gift from our neighbor John. He came over and sang a Happy Birthday song for all the kids.....he sang one and off he went! I think all the kids at his toes was a bit much :) Took me all of Monday to clean house but so worth it! the girls are still talking about their party(s) and wanted to do it all over again the next weekend! Thanks everyone for coming and celebrating with us!!!

Pre-birthday weekend with Grandma

Always so relaxing visiting Grandma in Palm Dessert. She planned for a little pre-birthday celebration with the girls. She went all out with lots of gifts and cupcakes. So much fun! Remy got to practice her swimming and Grandma worked with Macy to get her more comfortable in the water. It was great to break the silence at the pool with all the laughter! Can't wait to come down again soon! Thanks grandma :)

Spending time with Nanny

Visit with Family

A short but wonderful visit with Denise, Miles, Elise and Scott! We need more visits to catch up and hope to see you guys again soon and hopefully with the rest of the girls! Macy and Remy loved playing house with Elise and made her some yummy eats :) Miss you guys!

Cabo 2011

What an amazing trip. Mike and I had the run of the villa for a few days and Grandma and Grandpa made it mid-week for some great vacation time! We spent most our time at the pool but made it out for some dolphin time and another amazing dinner at Mona Lisa. Remy is just learning to swim and did a great job keeping her head above water. Macy was not into the swimming yet but enjoyed sitting pool side playing.
She got a little scare when we were at the resort pool and got a piece of metal stuck in her foot. Papa and I had to hold her down to get the little sliver out and this was while she screamed SCREAMED!!!! it was crazy and kinda ruined the pool experience for her for a few days :( We discovered that Remy is a natural with the camera. I will post her pics soon. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for another wonderful vacation!!!!

Easter & Kaitlyn's Bday

Had a great weekend in Santa Barbara for Easter and to celebrate Kaitlyn's birthday. Papa and I got a night out on the town for some great food and alone time, always amazing. Kaitlyn watched the girls for us, the girls loved it! Easter sunday was spent with family and friends...thanks Lori for hosting :)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Some random cute pics :)

Lets Jump!

Why walk when we can ride!

Macy has always had a fascination for moving things, she wants to know how things work. I am thinking we might have an engineer in the family :)

how many stickers can you put on one face?

A swing for two!

apparently i was walking alone on this day...

too cute!!!!

she is a natural...

has anyone seen the girls?


Macy and Remy were playing a little rough and Macy was tipped over on the rocking horse :( Thought she hurt her arm but it turns out she must have pinched her little bits. After some screaming, a little blood and a massive bruise we were able to calm her down and ice it! Not fun, but in the end she was a trooper!

A much needed visit!

sister Beth and me took off to Santa Barbara to celebrate her birthday 
and have some quality down time :) 
Perfect weather and great fun! love you sister :)

of course this trip was back in January. Still had to post a wonderful picture of us! 

Bowling Alleys Never Get Old!

check out Macy's goggles, hilarious! 


the girls love making cookies. These were for St. Patricks Day!


Through a special online offer and through Sony we got a great Disney trip and a wonderful visit with family. We were able to have Shawna come stay with us for two nights and Bruce, Jenn, Aiden and Aubry were down from up north. We got really lucky with beautiful weather and lots of pool time. The girls had a little rough time at the theme parks but enjoyed all the sweets and games. Remy and Shawna were unseperable! Great memories...but don't think we will go back until the girls can enjoy all the rides and not have to use the bathroom every five minutes, lol!!!

LA Zoo

The zoo is always a blast. The girls are never really that interested in the animals mostly the cotton candy and penny squishing machines :)

Mammoth Lakes = Snow Bunnies

Yep, think we have some snow bunnies on our hands. Macy and Remy could not get enough! Papa took them skiing and they LOVED it. They got a chance to compete in a snowman making contest and ate lots of yellow snow, lol....just kidding!!!! Great visit with the Roberts family and a big thank you for hosting us, always an amazing time with you guys :)

A visit with Grandma

The girls and I got a chance to see Grandma's work and spend some time hanging out. We took the girls to the toy store and Macy had to have this funny little bubble blower. By the time we got home it was dark and could not try out the new toy....she was up super early and outside with the bubble maker the next morning, it was hilarious....oh and messy. Remy of course picked out a princess dress up set. We spent Sunday at the Living Dessert, love this place!!!! Look forward to spending more Sunday mornings there :) 

The First Flip!

Mike and Pops have finished and actually as I write this it is in the process of closing, SOLD! It is amazing how fast and how beautiful this house turned out. I can't begin to express how impressed I am with those Castillo's....check out the before and after pics! Great job papa and pops :)

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Christmas 2010

Christmas 2010 was so much fun. This year the girls were totally into it! We had an amazing sleep over at Grandma Suzanne's house and saw Uncle Doug for the first time in 20 years :) It was a memory I am sure the kids will remember for a life time! Macy & Remy got their first bikes from Nana and Pops and can't wait to get them out there this summer to ride them at the beach. Santa was really good to the girls this year and came through with everything on their lists! Thanks everyone for making this year so special! xoxoxo

okay here we go again playing catchup.....

Macy & Remy luv making Gingerbread Houses! 

A great visit with Grandma Suzanne. We took the girls to see Tangled. The girls loved it. Especially since they just got their hair cuts like Rapunzel did in the end. Cute!!!!
While grandma was out I took the girls for a little walk through the golf course after night fall to look for santa's elves.....flash lights and grass trimmings made for a great adventure. 

A wonderful visit with my best friend from elementary school. Lisa Billson, her partner and super cute little boy Spike. Good times!!!!

Nutcracker to see our beautiful niece Anna perform. The girls had a great time playing around on the stage after the show with their cousins. And we got to celebrate Nana's birthday! 

Remy is always surprising us with a fashion show of sorts. We never know what she is going to coem out of her room in!!!! She loves a god laugh :) 

Monday, December 6, 2010

The Builder

Macy loves to play with her princesses and blocks. The blocks she is playing with were my mom's when she was a baby. I have so many memories playing with them at Macy's age with my cousins Jimmy & Lisa. Super cool to have something that has been passed down for generations :)